Mold Removal License FAQ

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Did You Know? New York, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana are the only states that require a mold removal license.

Requirements for achieving a mold removal license: A qualified applicant is the only individual that can receive a mold removal license. A company cannot carry a mold removal license. States require that individuals meet eligibility requirements before starting the application process. There are fees associated with the mold removal license procedure such as a application fee, exam fees, license fees. A mold removal license applicant must complete a course to qualify for the licensing process.

Below is state information to obtain a mold removal license in states that have legislation regarding a mold license:

Louisiana Mold Removal License

The Louisiana Mold Removal License Class Is Available Online. We Are Registered With The State Of Louisiana for the mold removal license.

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New York Mold Removal License

We Do Not Offer The New York Mold Removal License Prep Course For Contractors.

NY Mold Removal License Application

Texas Mold Removal License

We Do Not Not Offer The Texas Mold Removal License Prep Course For Contractors.

Texas Mold Removal License

Florida Mold Removal License

We Do Not Offer The Florida State Mold Removal License Prep Course For Contractors In FLORIDA, FL

Florida Mold Removal License

Tennessee Mold Removal License

Tennessee, TN Requires A Mold Removal License. IX. SPECIALTY/ENVIRONMENTAL (S) - (No Exam) Contractor licenses issued by the Board with the “Specialty/Environmental” license classification do not require a “trade” exam (Business and Law exam, only). However, the contractor must provide their experience, training and certifications with the contractor’s license application..

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Information Sheet For The Tennessee Mold Removal License