Water Restoration Specialist Course

Water Restoration Specialist Certification Training Class Topics Include:

Water Removal Techniques for water restoration

Antimicrobials and Biocides for water restoration

Thermal imaging applications for water restoration

Moisture detection equipment used during a water restoration project

Water restoration drying strategies

Relative Humidity as a science

Working with humidity during a water restoration job


Job site energy consumption & Management

Drying concepts for wood and other building material

Contents (personal property) Drying procedures for water restoration applications

Pressurizations in drying

Vapor Pressure

Managing and Using portable heat during a water restoration project

Managing and Using portable power during a water restoration project

Hygroscopic Materials

Relative humidity

Environmental Response Techniques

Drying Equipment Quantity and Setup

The dehumidifier

Desiccant technology

Indoor Air Quality implementation

Cooling units

Air Change Rate

Drying as a science

Safety hazards applied towards water restoration projects

Identifying tools and equipment for water restoration

Student Requirements For This Course

1 Year Of Verifiable Experience In Contracting, Restoration Or Related Field.

The Water Restoration Specialist Is 40 Hours - Course Cost: $349.00 Includes Exam Fee

On Sale Now For $299.00 Includes Exam Fee

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